Ismail Hassin
Ismail Hassen
ISMAIL HASSEN (EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN) - Is a true entrepreneur who is open minded to business opportunities and has director’s roles or acts as business consultants for international / local clients wanting to invest within South Africa in various business opportunities. He has a Bachelors of Technology Degree in Engineering and completed an MBA with Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). He is a result orientated, quick thinker with proven leadership capabilities and is driven to find fresh, novel approaches to all endeavours. Lastly he received various entrepreneurial awards within South Africa through different business venture or innovations.
Adnaan Grimsel
ADNAAN GRIMSEL (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) - Was previously responsible for trade and investment within South Africa (SA) managing the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the Eastern Cape region. Later in his career he was appointed in Saudi Arabia for DTI and his duties included – but were not limited to – promotion and facilitation between countries of accreditation and SA across all sectors, raising international or local finance for any project through, IDC, DBSA, locally IDB, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Private Investors, EMP Global as well as Syndication.
Belinda Vabaza
BELINDA VABAZA (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) – IS A founding member of SEBENZA @ WORK, a future focused company developing leaders of tomorrow in the varied business development disciplines in which they are active. She had various executive positions in the following companies VWSA, MAC and ECDC. Economic development throughout South Africa was her personal drive to empower businesses.