Winner of Step Up 2013 competition (Certificate from Step-Up)

CSR-AFRICA was the winner in the nation innovation competition in 2013 for its the Bitu-Box design. The product is a mobile storage or transport unit for bulk bitumen with an integrated heating system that offers advantages over the conventional drum. This design has a life span of seven years versus drums that can only be used once-off. It allows for faster depot turnaround times with less labour, and eliminates environmental air pollution.

Ideas man on the move (article from Herald)

In 2013, Ismail was part of various entrepreneurial competitions and has now taken the stand to mentor entrepreneurs within South Africa through his social development business arm namely, YISA-AFRICA. He also hosts Business Spectrum, a weekly one hour radio show on local station PE FM (87.6 ). Through Business Spectrum, he acts as a virtual incubator to encourage entrepreneurship, offering free business consultation.